AHIB has received questions regarding Inspector membership in referral groups such as Business Network International (BNI). At the July 7, 2017, AHIB meeting it was determined that membership by an Arkansas Home Inspector in a referral group such as Business Network International (BNI), or other similar groups, is a Code of Ethics violation pursuant to AHIB Code of Ethics 402.1:

Inspectors shall avoid conflicts of interest or activities that compromise, or appear to compromise, professional independence, objectivity, or inspection integrity.

This is regardless of membership fee being paid to be part of such a group.

It should also be noted that 402.1.C also prohibits Inspectors to directly or indirectly compensate realty agents, or other parties having a financial interest in closing or settlement of real estate transactions, for the referral of inspections or for inclusion on a list of recommended inspectors, preferred providers, or similar arrangements.