Filing A Complaint Against or About A Registered Home Inspector

The Board has the authority to resolve complaints against home inspectors. However, the Board is not a court or a venue for damage recovery. You may be able to recover damages through the small claims or civil court system.

The Board can and will revoke or suspend an inspector’s registration as appropriate to rectify inappropriate performance and to protect the citizens of the State. The Board may also require an inspector to undergo remedial training to improve his knowledge and skills in a specific subject. Likewise, if circumstances warrant, the Board may fine an inspector up to $1,000 per incident.

If you have attempted to resolve your complaint with an inspector, but have failed to reach a mutually agreeable solution, you may file a complaint with the Board. (Download a complaint form by clicking here.) Please fully comply with the instructions on the complaint form. A properly completed complaint will be reviewed at the next board meeting after the preliminary processing is completed. (Click here to read about the complaint process in the Rules and Procedures.)