Arkansas Home Inspector Registration Board
Proposed Rules and Procedures

Written Public Comments Due By March 18, 2014

Public Hearing on March 19, 2014 - 10:00 am

323 Center St., Suite 200

Little Rock, AR  72201


The revised Rules & Procedures proposed by the Ark. Home Inspector Registration Board primarily:


- reorganizes the structure of the current Rules


- eliminates provisions already covered in the Arkansas Administrative Procedures Act


- incorporates the content of the ASHI Standards of Practice (2006 version) and ASHI Code of Ethics into the rules as the Arkansas Standards of Practice and the Arkansas Code of Ethics, and


- revises continuing education requirements.


Two documents are provided to assist in reviewing the proposed Rules & Procedures because one document could not illustrate all changes..


Current Rules with Notes - Sections being deleted from the current Rules are noted, as well as the new location of sections continuing to be used.


Proposed Rules with Notes - Sections (provisions) being added or substantially changed are explained.  References are also provided so the reader can tell where language from the current rules came from.


The full exact content of the 2006 version of the ASHI Standards of Practice was incorporated into the Rules and Procedures as Section 401.  You will note that the Board is proposing minor modifications to this content.  These modifications are reflected in 4 locations where you will see full sentences which are underlined to indicate additions, or stricken-through sentences to indicate deletions.  As in the ASHI Standards of Practice, at least for the time being, many individual terms or phrases are underscored to indicate that there is a definition for them at the end of the Standards, just as in the ASHI version.


Proposed Rules without Notes - This is a clean version of the Proposed Rules & Procedures


Public Comment Form & Procedures -  All those wishing to submit written comments, or present their comments orally at the public hearing, must  submit them in writing, using this form, by March 18, 2014. This form may be filled in online , then printed, signed and sent to the Board office.


If you have questions regarding the format or readability of the documents above, feel free to call the Board office at (501) 683-3710 or email